Daemon3D ABS 2.85mm

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Daemon3D ABS

If you are unsure what the best filament for your application would be, Daemon3D is here to help. On this Daemon3D ABS Filaments product page we offer ABS filaments that are personally recommended by Daemon3D.

Daemon3D ABS comes in a range of colours (stock is limited) and the filament thickness is 2.85mm in 1kg spools.

Supplied by manufacturers in Europe, the Daemon3D ABS Filaments are the highest quality at the sharpest prices. So, even though you pay no more, you can be assured that the filament will not let you down due to air bubbles or other manufacturing defects associated with cheaper filaments.

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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Daemon3D ABS 2.85mm