Treed Flexmark

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Treed Flexmark 8 & 9 Shore

Mark8 = 80 Shore A, it is a good mixture of flexibility and stiffness, easier to print too.

FLEXMARK 9 = 90 Shore A, is the stiffest of all the Flexs, and lets you print as usual.

The TPUs are highly resistant to chemical agents, wear-proof and with good elastic comeback.

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Flexible Material

Tech Specs

Weight: 500g

Diameter: 2,85mm

Colours: Black, White, Grey, Blue, Red

Nozzle temperature: 185 °C – 210 °C

Bed temperature: 0 °C – 80 °C

Technical features: PLA ECO filament has a natural glossy finish, it will make your objects shine naturally. It can resists to UV light, so it does not change colour over time

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