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 Daemon3D Print's range of 3D Print products are suited for use in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, higher education, further education and universities.

The bq Robotics kits such as the Zowi and the PrintBot Evolution help to engage children in how technology works. These toys can be easily taken apart and reassembled, in order to create their own programming projects. The bq WitBox 2 3D Printer is ideal for use in educational environments, as soon as you open the box it is ready to print with no hassle. This 3D Printer has a door with a safety lock, making it safe for use in schools.

The MakerBot in Education range includes the new MakerBot Mini+ 3D Printer, which is 58% quieter than its predecessor when printing, making it perfect for use in educational environments. The MakerBot in the Classroom book is an introduction to 3D printing and design and can be used as a Lesson Planner to get your students learning, designing and creating with 3D Printers in the classroom. It's packed with resources and gives you the basics of 3D printing and design as well as ideas, projects, and activities for integrating 3D printers into your curriculum. The MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner is a fast and easy way for anyone to create 3D models. The MultiScan Technology lets you quickly turn the things in your world into 3D models that you can modify, improve, share and 3D print.

If you would like to discuss how to add a 3D printer to your classroom contact us or if you would like to view the full range of Daemon3D Print's Education products visit our 3D Education products.
bq Zowi
bq WitBox 2 3D Printer
bq PrintBot Evolution
MakerBot Mini+ 3D Printer
MakerBot in the Classroom
MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner