The Gluten Free Corner project has been formed from the cooperation between Wasp and Zeroinpiù, 3D printing can now be used to create food for people with celiac disease.


Until now it was not possible to prepare gluten free food in the same kitchen used to prepare other food, because of the risk of contamination using the same spaces, the same electrical appliances and the same tools is very high. This problem has made it difficult to integrate the gluten free foods preparation inside a traditional restaurant kitchen.




Wasp’s idea is simple, to create dedicated technological spaces as the answer to how celiac kitchens are integrated with traditional restaurant kitchens in any part of the world, simply by using a DeltaWASP 20 40 3D printer.


Chef Francesco Favorito is a skilled patisserie who has inherited his parents’ profession and bakery, he has specialised in the preparation of pastries for people who suffer with any food intolerance, with a special focus on foods for celiac people. From his 10-year experience, he established Zeroinpiù, a flour and mixture line and thanks to this cooperation a kit with tools and the necessary know how on delicious recipes will be supplied.



With the “Gluten Free Corner” it will be possible to 3D print food in specific calorie portions, selecting foods so that they can suit any customised diet and any daily single nutritional need without food waste during the preparation process.


This is a high social value project and they will be able to offer, in due course, a high kitchen service and thanks to virtual fabrication techniques, this gives a high-tech answer to support the collective safe and fair restaurant access, giving everybody the possibility to taste healthy and savoury foods in public spaces.



Also, 3D printing in food application allows a new interpretation of the nutrition subject, this project gives the patisserie the possibility to become a trial field where it will be possible to create new shapes and foods otherwise impossible in the traditional kitchen.