How 3D Printers can be used for Product Development


Recently, we were approached by one of our customers to print a part for their Electric Scooter. The part was a new, bigger throttle piece, to make it a lot easier to use the throttle whilst they are using the electric scooter.


The first file was printed on our MakerBot Replicator Desktop, but we found that the part was not actually the right size to fit on to the handle of the scooter, so we sent the file back to be re-worked. After a few hours and some alterations later, the file returned and was re-printed.



The altered file ready to print in the MakerBot Software.










After around an hour the piece was successfully printed and our customer came to pick it up. This time the piece did fit perfectly, but the customer found that the design was a bit too big and was not massively comfortable to use with the throttle.


As the new piece was too thick to use, we used the MODIFI3D Print Finishing Tool to curve one of the edges. This did make the Handle significantly more comfortable. However, the customer said that the piece did not make the throttle as comfortable to use as they had hoped.


They felt that a handle on the piece would work better with the curved edge. So the customer made some final tweaks to their design and got to their finished piece. And the piece was printed in just under an hour. This shows how 3D printers can be used to help speed up the process of product development and  creating 
prototypes to discover thestrengths of a design, and where things can  be improved.