Teaching children how to program will bring great benefits, it will give children the opportunity to follow step by step instructions for an electronic device, which will help them to acquire many other skills. These skills include the development of the logical-mathematical and spatial capacity, as well as the improvement of abilities like attention and concentration.


Below are some examples of the key benefits of programming:


Computational Thinking

This provides children with the ability to solve problems, design systems and understand human behaviour using concepts of computer science. In practice it involves dividing problems into parts and creating a sequence with the actions necessary to arrive at its resolution. If you think about it, it's really like programming a robot.


Problem Resolution

This skill is very related to Computational Thinking and it means asking ‘what if students face their daily tasks as if they were a problem that needs to be solved as efficiently, creatively and quickly as possible?’ They could face their life in a much more rational way, not only when it comes to doing homework and preparing work or exams; also to all the unforeseen events that may arise in your personal life.


Emotional Intelligence

Our emotions constantly influence our decisions – this is also the case in the day to day classroom, so it is really important to help students identify, express and manage their emotions. As adults, they will be able to continue to apply everything they have learned to their personal and work lives.


Self Esteem

It’s a very satisfying feeling to solve problems for yourself, to achieve the goals that we have set and to do it in the most satisfactory way possible! So, if we learn to program for ourselves, the direct consequence will be an improvement of our self-esteem.



Some people consider that this ability is more important than intelligence because, thanks to it, solutions can be 'invented' for any problem or need. It may be a question of opinions, but the truth is that robotics allows to unleash the imagination and create from nothing!