If you want to print with the engineering properties of ABS, but don't have a heated bed on your 3D printer, Daemon3D is here to help. We have looked long and hard for a solution to this conundrum and are pleased to be able to recommend this COLD PLA material.


Daemon3D COLD PLA Filament comes in a range of colours at 1.75mm, of which we keep 5 in stock. However, if you are interested in other colours for COLD PLA please contact us.

Daemon3D Print currently stock the following colours of the COLD PLA:
  • Black PLA INGEO 3D850
  • Transparent PLA INGEO 3D850
  • Orange PLA INGEO 3D854
  • Silver PLA INGEO 3D856
  • Pink PLA INGEO 3D857


We haven't had the product long, but already COLD PLA has attracted a fan base, one of whom said:  

"We used to print with ABS and had lots of trouble, warping, lifting etc.; now we have used 5 reels of COLD PLA so far and the results are tremendous. COLD PLA is easier to print than ABS by far (cold bed on blue tape for example), models that are very strong, some pieces just cannot be broken by hand and excellent print quality, plus zero filament jams so far!

We use the COLD PLA for brackets, sensor mounts, covers, paper deflectors in models up to 30cm x 30cm x 45cm. Saving us an absolute fortune compared to the machined and sheet metal parts they replace."