Carbodeon's uDiamond PLA Filament


Carbodeon uDiamond PLA is a diamond enhanced 3D printing filament that provides excellent performance and results. Diamond possesses extreme material properties including hardness and thermal conductivity. It is also electrically non-conductive and virtually transparent when incorporated in other materials. Due to its strength and durability this filament is perfect for industrial use. uDiamond filament is made with functionalized nanodiamond particles. Because the nanodiamonds are spherical they act as a kind of lubricant during the filament extrusion, meaning there’s no increase in nozzle wear. Printing speeds of 500mm/s are made possible due to the enhanced thermal conductivity of the material. The polymer structure is reinforced by the diamond particles making it stiffer, stronger and better adhesion between the printed layers. This filament is suitable for consumer-grade and professional FDM/FFF 3D printers.


Metal plating

You can achieve a range of metal plated finishes that have an advanced durability and tribology due to the diamond structure. This includes environmentally friendly alternatives to hard chrome. The Electroless Nickel (EN) with uDiamond is a coating that has excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasive and adhesive wear.

Thermally conductive thermoplastics
The enemy for electronical devices is excess heat, LED’s and batteries, but you won’t need to worry with the uDiamond filler material you will have the highest performing thermally conductive thermoplastics in electronic and LED applications.

CVD seeding
Chemical Vapour deposition (CVD) seeding is a fast expanding application for nanodiamonds. The aim is to make a very fine coating of nanodiamond particles on the substrate surface, made by applying Carbodeon uDiamond liquid dispersion in a thin layer and then evaporating the water or solvent.

Wear Resistant, Low Friction Coatings
Industrial and consumer applications benefit from having a protecting coating that has low friction and dirt repellent features while still maintaining high wear and corrosion resistance. The diamond in Carbodeon’s uDiamond filament does just that.

Silicones & Epoxides
uDiamond filament is added to silicone and epoxide materials that makes polymer composites with considerable improvements. The nanoscale effects achieved by dispersing small particles into the polymer material have a hand in creating these changes, but the numerically high mechanical and thermal properties of diamond are what achieves the end result.

High Strength
uDiamond nanodiamond is added to popular thermoplastics including PLA, PC, PA, PAI, PEEK, and PTFE in order to improve the performance. The popular Carbodeon uDiamond PLA is an example of what can be achieved: increased strength and toughness, wear properties and thermal conductivity without altering the electrical conductivity or colour.


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