Daemon3D Print are now supplying the HP Designjet 3D filaments, HP’s entrance into the 3D printing market is aimed at the mechanical computer aided design (MCAD) and educational markets.


The HP 3D printing solution enables professionals to achieve faster product development with significant cost-savings.


With the HP Designjet 3D filaments, users will be able to produce robust plastic 3D models easily in their office. The HP Designjet 3D Printer creates highly accurate models in ABS material, ideal for designers and educational professionals. The HP 3D printing technology is ultra-affordable and means businesses will see a return on investment quickly.


Produced using recyclable ABS plastic, the models created on the HP Designjet 3D Printer are highly durable, precise and functional, which means users can be sure the printed output will be true to the original design. The 3D print models can be usable and pre-assembled with moving parts, providing prototypes ideal for fit, form and function testing.


The HP Designjet 3D Printer and the HP Designjet 3D Filaments have been developed to HP specifications and quality standards to ensure the best possible customer experience, the printers and filaments are simple to install, use and service and they will offer consistent high quality.