MakerBot have announced new 3D printing solutions for professional and educators, MakerBot believes these solutions will offer engineers and designers a quicker and more effective way to develop designs and the solutions will give educators a way to integrate 3D printing in the classroom with ease.


The new MakerBot Print and Mobile Apps have streamlined the print preparation process, saving time and producing better quality prints. The new version of MakerBot Mobile includes a Guided Setup feature that walks the user through the entire 3D printer setup process step by step.


Once the user is all set up the new MakerBot Print software streamlines the 3D printing experience for any workflow. Native CAD support allows users to import common CAD files and the new feature eliminates the need for STL files and the user will experience significant time savings. Users can also organise 3D files and multiple build plates into projects and email project files to collaborate with others.


The new MakerBot Print features the new Auto Arrange feature, which automatically positions objects across multiple build plates and prints them simultaneously or sequentially. With Dynamic Print Settings users can change settings like resolution or thickness for each individual model on the build plate. The new Print Preview option lets users assess the Smart Extruder+’s path to make adjustments before printing the model.


The new MakerBot Print and Mobile App supports both office and classroom setups, individual users and small to large organisations now have the flexibility to control multiple 3D printers throughout the office or school, in separate buildings or even in different countries.


MakerBot Print and an updated version of MakerBot Mobile are available now!