We are excited to offer our customers a discounted rate on service contracts for selected Makerbot 3D printers from 40-52% off.

More than just a warranty, it covers not only full parts and labour and the standard SLA agreement on parts, but also support through the complete escalation process, with a 1 hour call back from a qualified Makerbot engineer.


New to the 3D Printing Community

This offers our customers the opportunity to purchase at a significant price drop, with the added benefit of full support from experienced Makerbot Qualified Engineers. They can answer any questions or queries you might have in person, so your 3D print creation results will be both effective and efficient.


Newly Launched MakerBot Replicator Mini+ Service Contract  

 MakerBot Replicator+ Service Contract


One Year Two Year
Was: €541.97                               €1,083.95
Now: €284.05                               €518.70
47% Discount                               52% Discount






 MakerBot Z18 Service Contract

One Year Two Year
Was: €1,233.33 €2,466.67 
Now: €741.00  €1,358.50
40% Discount 45% Discount


Perfecting your 3D Printing Skills

If you have already purchased your Makerbot 3D printer, this is the chance to fine tune your mastery of the production process. The 1 hour call back from a fully trained Makerbot Engineer provides you with the advanced knowledge to control the creation process from start to finish whilst answering your detailed questions to overcome any hurdles you may have discovered since developing your first print.

Whether your Makerbot is already covered by the warranty, or covered by a service contract, or out of warranty and requires a times and materials contract, this offer can be conveniently taken advantage to suit any specifications. 


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                                                                                                                            Service Contract                       Service Company



Take advantage of these discounted Service Contract Offers for selected MakerBot Printers