Thingiverse is the world’s largest 3D printing file library and community, it has over 2 million 3D printable objects and 3 million monthly users.


MakerBot founded Thingiverse in 2008 and since then Thingiverse has emerged as the leading destination for anyone looking to download 3D printable files, learn how to 3D print, share their designs or collaborate with others to improve their processes.


3D printing is a global movement and to get a better look at what parts of the world are using Thingiverse to upload, download, remix and collaborate, MakerBot ranked Thingiverse’s top traffic sources by country.



Most Thingiverse users per capita.

Denmark isn’t in the top 20 countries for overall traffic, but with a population under 6 million and over 1 million unique sessions to Thingiverse in 2017, Denmark impressively ranks number 1 for Thingiverse traffic per capita.



Surprisingly low Thingiverse traffic

Even with a population of 1.4 billion and huge 3D printing and maker communities, China curiously ranks number 31 in net Thingiverse traffic. MakerBot suspects search engine preferences and translation issues are to blame.



Longest average session duration

The average Argentine user surfs Thingiverse for over 9 minutes per session, which is longer than users from leading traffic sources like the US and Germany and almost double the time the global average user spends surfing.


South Korea:

Most things per average session

On average, South Korean users browse the most individual 3D printable things in a single session – visiting 22 things per session compared to the global average of 10.