Like many of the rest of you, we saw some of the great things that UnLimbited do on Shed of the Year. The incredible work they do includes providing 3D prosthetic hands and arms for children who are born without, the children are able to design their own colours and patterns and Stephen Davies and Drew Murray do the rest. The team originally invested hundreds of pounds in two 3D printers and materials and they created their own design. Each prosthetic hand costs about £30 in materials to make and takes 12 hours – the pair admit that demand is extremely high!

Which is why we were really excited to be able help UnLimbited, we had an Ex-demo bq Hephestos 2 3D Printer available and after reading and seeing the great work that UnLimbited do, we thought it would be great opportunity to offer this 3D printer to UnLimbited free of charge!





The timing of this donation was great because UnLimbited were testing out new ideas for what will ultimately form the next iteration of their open source arm. Having the extra printing capacity allows UnLimbited to print test components while not impacting on building devices for recipients.