Daemon3D Print have been supplying the DeltaWASP 3D Printers and now we are pleased to also be able to supply a range of Spares for the DeltaWASP 3D Printers, so you will never be left without being able to print with your DeltaWASP.

WASP (World's Advanced Saving Project) is an Italian based project, created in 2012. WASP manufactures professional 3D printers, with the aim of encouraging sustainable development and in-house production. WASP use all the revenue from the printers they sell on research for new projects and different ways to expand their aim of creating Eco-Friendly materials and systems.


We supply the following parts:

DeltaWASP Drive Motors



DeltaWASP Extruder



Extruder Motor Support Tubing



DeltaWASP Extruder Motor



DeltaWASP Drive Belts



DeltaWASP 20 40 Extruder Motor Support Bands