The new Witbox Go! 3D printer by bq has been awarded the “Best Product Design’ award at the Red Dot Design Awards. For this category the organisation received applications from 54 different countries, which were evaluated by an independent jury.


A brief look at the Witbox Go!...


The Witbox Go! Has a minimalist design, clean lines and all of its components are completely integrated. This design has ensured it blends into the decoration of a home.


This new model from bq allows all users to get involved in 3D printing, not only specialised or professional users. The Witbox Go! Is the first 3D printer in the world that works with the Android operating system and allows the user to print directly from their smartphone.


The Witbox Go! is equipped with next generation components, which assure high quality printouts, automates the majority of processes and minimises configurations that require user intervention. It’s so simple to operate that a user requires only 15 minutes to initiate their first print, as opposed to the two hours needed with other printers.


This compact printer measures 30 x 25 x 48 cm, weighs less than 5kg and has a print volume of 14 x 14 x 14 cm. The Witbox Go! is also very quiet due to its Trinamic chip, which controls the movement of the motors and minimises noise. The texture of the print bed has also been re-designed so that the prints stick directly to it, avoiding the need for adhesives.


The Witbox Go! will be on sale during the third quarter of this year at an estimated price of 599.90.