bMaker is a platform to learn robotics and programming and bq are proud to have been involved in its creation.


bq together with Macmillan Education (which is a leading company in education and training) have presented their new bMaker learning platform. With this tool, Spanish students (in both schools and academies) are the first to have online content and robotics kits and the the opportunity to obtain knowledge in a more active, practical and creative way.


With bMaker, students between the ages of 8 and 15 can learn robotics, programming and 3D printing in a way based on co-operation and active learning through robotics kits, which will be adjusted according to the ages of the students.


bMaker is based on the STEAM philosophy, which encourages children to develop their artistic and creative development. The projects offered give the students the opportunity to solve a problem using the software and hardware provide, meaning they’re not mere users but they become creators of technology.


The objective of bq and Macmillan with this platform is that students have much easier access to learning programming and robotics. They want to achieve this by providing everything necessary to the training centres. For this reason, bMaker is the perfect tool for any teaching centre due to its accessibility, flexibility and inclusion of the necessary software and hardware.


It’s clear that everyday our world is more technological and that our children should be as prepared as soon as possible to help them in their future.