Daemon3D Print are excited to introduce the bq PLA Filaments in 300g Spools!


These new 300g spools of the popular bq PLA filament means you can alternate a range of  different colours in your prints and play with the tones. If you have a small print job or a smaller 3D printer, then these 300g spools are perfect, as there is no need to purchase the larger and more expensive 1kg spools. This PLA is compatible with the majority of 3D printers on the market, it displays much less warping than ABS and for this reason it is possible to print without a heated bed.

There are a wide range of colours available of the 300g spool of bq PLA Filament:



Sky Blue

Coal Black


Pure White

Vitamin Orange


Ruby Red

Grass Green


Bottle Green

Ash Grey



Sunshine Yellow






Sulphur Yellow


Topaz Blue


As well as this broad range, coming soon to Daemon3D Print is bq's new range of Glitter PLA's.


A brief look at PLA...


When heated, bq PLA becomes much more liquid and if cooled it produces much sharper details on the printed corners without cracking or warping. The increased flow also makes the binding of layers stronger, improving the strength of the print. bq PLA filament is glossier to the look and touch than ABS, cool your PLA efficiently and you will experience higher maximum printing speeds, sharper printed corners and lower layer heights.

PLA is a biodegradable material that offers the best results in the shortest time, it can be used in home environments without having to worry about the odours that other filaments, such as ABS, create. This PLA has been manufactured by bq in Spain to the highest quality, ensuring for the best 3D print results.