The bq Witbox Go! is an open-source 3D printer that is aimed at the entry level market, it has a build volume of 140 x 140 x 140 mm, this 3D printer is very compact. The Witbox Go! runs off of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 401 processor, as well as an Android Marshmallow operating system. This printer is light, minimalist in design and is created in Spain. The Witbox Go! is equipped with next generation components, which will ensure for high quality printouts, the components automate  the majority of processes and minimise the configurations that require user intervention. This printer only takes users 15 minutes to initiate their first print, compared with the 2 hours that is needed with other 3D printers.



The Witbox Go! features an auto-stop function for when the nozzle clogs or filament runs out, a filament recognition system and a heated print bed. The printer has a Trinamic chip, which controls the movement of the motors and minimizes noise, making it suitable for use in the home and in the office. This printer can also print using WiFi or NFC connectivity.




The bq Witbox Go! is controlled through the Zetup software and is available for PC’s and smartphones. It’s very user friendly, the user only has to select the quality level and the fill density. The Witbox Go! has been designed to blend into the decoration of your home, it has a minimalist design, clean lines and all of it’s components are integrated. Materials of the printer consist of plastic injected parts, which were used to combine lightness and resistance and different textures have been designed for the final finish, including smooth, rugged and grainy. The texture of the Witbox Go! print bed has been redesigned so that the prints stick directly to it and hairsprays or adhesives are not required, along with all the unpleasant odours.