At Daemon3D we want to get involved, not just with the 3D Print Industry, but with the local community too, we like to support people in any way that we can. Recently we have donated to an organisation known as Circus Starr.


Circus Starr is a professional touring circus which features entertainers form all over the world. However, they are also an independent charitable organisation which supports vulnerable children who may be disabled or underprivileged across the UK.


The Circus holds a 75 venue tour, 3 times a year, and the programme allows these children to get involved with the circus and learn different skills from the performers and organisers, but also allows many of these children to attend these shows for free, through their Donated Ticket Programme.


Our donation will go towards the Donated Ticket Programme that allows Circus Starr to give away thousands of free tickets to these children so they are able to attend free Circus shows. These tickets are donated to over 1500 children’s charities across the UK, including Barnado’s, MENCAP, National Autistic Society and many more schools and hospitals.


For More information on their project, visit their website: