In case you missed our Black Friday Weekend Sale, we have launched our Cyber November Sale!

This is a great chance to take advantage of some more great deals, Daemon3D Print's Cyber November Sale launched on the 28th of November and will run until the end of November and will end on the 30th of November.


Some of the new deals available include 5% discount off the Stratasys uPrint and Mojo Filaments!


Stratasys Soluble Support Materials
The Stratasys Soluble Support Material is used in combination with ABS and ABSplus plastics to achieve just the right precision for client presentations. When using the Stratasys Soluble Support Material you can produce durable models that are ready for fit form and functional testing.

ABS and ABSplus Materials
These Stratasys materials achieve just the right precision for client presentations, they build accurate and stable 3D models and they’re ideal for determining form, fit and function in everything from ergonomics to manufacturing processes. These Stratasys materials are stronger than materials typically used by competitive 3D printers.