For Reverse Engineering, the EinScan Pro 2X and 2X Plus can be bundled with the GeoMagic and Solid Works (Shining3D edition) that offers a seamless and powerful solution. Use the Pro 2X and 2X Plus in either handheld mode or with the Industrial Pack to scan parts of all sizes, convert to CAD and prepare for manufacturing. Simple and efficient, the EinScan Reverse Engineering Design Bundle does the whole process end to end or dovetails into your existing design packages to really fit your business requirements.

EinScan Pro 2X Bundle

EinScan Pro 2X Plus Bundle

EinScan Industrial Pack EinScan Industrial Pack
Geomagic Essentials Scan to CAD Software Geomagic Essentials Scan to CAD Software
Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition
Optional Colour Pack Optional Colour Pack
  Optional HD Prime Pack

EinScan Industrial Pack

The Industrial Pack adds a Turntable and Tripod into the Reverse Engineering Bundle, allowing you to capture high-accuracy and high-resolution 3D data of small to medium objects. The Industrial Pack enables Fixed Scan with or without turntable to achieve high accuracy and detail of scanned 3D data.

The Fixed Scan with Turntable is perfect for completing a 360-degree automatic scan in few minutes. Recommend for small objects, such as industrial components, ornaments and small artistic pieces. The Fixed Scan without the Turntable is great for scanning medium objects. It’s ideal for capturing high-accuracy data and rich details.

Geomagic Essentials Scan to CAD Software

Geomagic Essentials provides the tools needed for processing 3D Scan data for scan to print, downstream reverse engineering workflows in your native CAD.


- Scan processing allows you to directly edit scan data

- Manage file size through decimation for faster processing

- Scan-native application for better performance

- High quality, automatic CAD conversion

- Feature extraction to retrieve perfect shapes from scan data

- Precise geometry allows you to compare design features to scan data for accuracy analysis

- Convert your 3D scan to a solid format

- Import all geometry into your native CAD package for a familiar modelling environment

Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition

Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition includes reverse engineering, generative design and simulation together with CAD tools on a single platform.


- Reverse Engineering

- Convergent Modelling

- Synchronous Modelling

- Simulation

- Generative Design

- Additive Manufacturing

Optional Colour Pack

By attaching the Colour Pack, the EinScan-Pro series can capture full-color texture. Colour Pack supports all models of EinScan Pro Series.

*Colour scanning is not supported in Handheld HD Scan Mode.

- Optional Colour Pack camera (not included in Reverse Engineering Bundle)

Optional HD Prime Pack (only available on the Pro 2X Plus)

The HD Prime Pack allows makers-free scanning under Handheld HD Scan mode when the object surface has enough geometries, greatly enhancing the scanning efficiency. The scanning speed is increased by 30% under Handheld HD Scan mode, rapidly capturing high-accuracy and high-resolution 3D data.

- Optional HD Prime Pack (not included in Reverse Engineering Bundle)