We are pleased to offer this bundle product of Ex-Demo units that includes:


- The 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3
- The 3D Dual Camera Upgrade Kit
- The 3D Automatic Turntable
- and a Placement and Install Service


The HP 3D Pro S3 Structured Light Scanner creates precise 360° 3D models with up to 0.05 mm resolution of even the most complex items, using enhanced structured light scanning technology to enable productivity and creativity. The 3D Dual Camera Upgrade Kit makes your scanning solution more robust and enhances its quality with complete stereo vision. You can attach this second camera to make your scanning solution more robust, minimize errors and enhance quality with complete stereo vision. The 3D Automatic Turntable is a fully software integrated upgrade to the HP 3D Scanner Pro S3, the HP 3D Automatic Turntable Pro S3 automatically rotates objects for the structured light scanner to capture each side and surface without multiple manual interventions, making the process faster and more accurate.


This bundle product offers a 20% discount!