The Bolt Pro is an industrial machine, built for performance and long term reliable 3D printing. With the advanced specification it enables multi-material 3D printing and is suited for any office or industrial environment.


-Unique and advanced FDM 3D print system
-Industrial grade print bed
-Intelligent user Interface


The Bolt Pro 3D Printer

With the Bolt Pro you can instantly turn your ideas into reality., The Bolt Pro takes care of productions, so you can focus on your projects and designs. The Bolt Pro by leapfrog is an industrial machine built for performance and long term reliability. 


Independent Dual Extruder

The Bolt Pro is equipped with unique direct drive Independent Dual Extruders, this means both extruders can move independent from one another for clean dual prints. These unique nozzles also provide unique benefits, such as sync or mirror-mode as well as swappable nozzles for a broader selection of filaments.


Large Industrial Swappable Bed

The print beds can be swapped at any time for another print bed to ensure continuous printing workflow is achieved. As soon as the Bolt Pro has finished printing, it can continue directly with its next 3D print job.



Intelligent User Interface 

The Leapfrog User Interface communicates and helps the user to have an improved 3D printer experience. The lighting of the enclosed build volume changes colour to indicate if it’s idle, heating or active. The touchscreen will show you around in its software to introduce you to the necessary function it provides. There are also multiple maintenance guides available to ensure the Bolt Pro is kept in perfect working condition.


Industrial 3D Printing

The Bolt Pro has high grade aluminium underneath its signature design. Every functional component is made out of steel for a long lifespan of intensive use. The Bolt Pro has linear guide, whereas the original Bolt had solid roads to guide the Independent Dual Extruders in the Y-direction. These linear guides provide higher precision, increased reliability and make the Bolt Pro operate more quietly.  



Suitable for Office and Factory Floors

The large enclosed build volume is equipped with a HEPA carbon filter, this means that any negative fumes which might be produced while 3D printing, are reduced by 99.9%. Working with multiple people on one machine is also more controlled and safer by having the ability to use different user logins with different privileges. The on-board storage can be integrated with One-Drive and Dropbox for a smooth workflow between different users or departments.


Featuring the Most Advanced Software on the Market



Unique Hardware Capabilities 

The Leapfrog Bolt Pro's capabilities exceed other 3D printers on the market because it features independent extruders, high temperature printing and advanced filament control.