MakerBot have made some significant upgrades to MakerBot Print and METHOD’s firmware.



Method Platform Features

Spool Drying Feature
With Firmware 1.4, MakerBot leverage the heated chamber technology to help remove moisture that has eben absorbed by the filament. Filament moisture absorption can result in a reduction in print quality related to stringiness. If your spools, particularly PVA, have been left out in the open air, MakerBot recommend using the new Dry Material setting if you start to see stringiness in your prints.


High Quality Print Mode
High quality print mode is now made available for Tough and PLA. This new print mode makes several changes to temperature and speed to bring you improved surface quality. To access this feature, select High Quality under Print Mode and start printing.



ASA & Print Modes
With MakerBot Print 4.4, MakerBot now support ASA. MakerBot ASA is a weather-resistant alternative to ABS, used widely for functional prototypes and end-use parts in demanding outdoor environments. Supported print modes include Balanced and Solid print modes.


PETG Print Modes
Now available is the most optimal PETG solid print mode, which allows our users to capitalise on the high strength and durable characteristics of the material. Solid print mode will sacrifice print speed for a completely solid part can be used for strength applications.


In additional, MakerBot have made some changes to how PETG is printed in Balanced mode to reduce stringing.

Single Extrusion Printing
Single extrusion has been a highly-requested feature that MakerBot have been testing for the past few months. MakerBot have optimised settings to provide the fastest print time possible with easily removable (breakaway) supports. MakerBot have also incorporated their taper-out support algorithm introduced in Print 4.1 for a more stable support structure.


Thin Walled ABS Quality Improvement
Significant improvements have been made to METHOD X thin walled prints. This improvement has been applied across the board for all ABS prints on METHOD X.



Printer Agnostic and Legacy Printer Improvements

Improved Print Connectivity
Several major overhauls and upgrades to MakerBot’s connectivity infrastructure have been made to improve Print to printer connectivity. Users will see a more stable connection through the various connectivity channels (Ethernet, WiFi, USB) and a smarter connection dropout mitigation strategy.


Easier Print Harvesting for Replicator+, Z18 and Mini+
Print 4.4 includes enhanced settings for Mini+, Replicator+ and Z18’s raft printing. These improved settings will mitigate raft breakage during harvesting making the harvesting process much easier for users.