Superior Part Durability and Chemical Resistance

Speciality PETG is the material of choice for printing high-performance parts that demand excellent durability along with temperature, moisture and chemical resistance. Engineers and designers use Speciality PETG to product durable prints with speed and agility that can withstand industrial applications including functional prototypes, jigs and fixtures and end-use parts.


Functional Prototypes

Applications include:

- Liquid containers
- Signage and graphics displays
- Enclosures for electrical equipment



Jigs & Fixtures

Applications include:

- Manufacturing tools and aids
- Robotic end effectors
- Product testing tools




End-Use Parts

Applications include:

- Custom machine parts
- Protective guards
- Cooling tubes




Tech Specs

Performance Properties                            Imperial                   Metric

Moisture Resistance (ISO 62)                   1104 ppm                1104 ppm

Heat Deflection (ASTM 648)                      158F                        70C

Flexural Strength (ISO 178)                       10007 psi                69 MPa

Flexural Modulus (ISO 178)                       297,327 psi             2050 Mpa

Tensile Strength at yield (ISO 527)             7251 psi                  50 Mpa

Tensile Modulus (ISO 527)                         292976 psi              2020 MPa

Strain at Yield - Elongation (%)                   6%                          6%

Impact Strength (Charpy Method 23C)       3.85 ft-lb/in2       8.1 kJ/m2



MakerBot METHOD was developed from the ground up leveraging industry-leading Stratasys patents including a heated build chamber, precision dissolvable supports and dry-sealed material bays. Engineers and designers use METHOD to create prototypes, jigs and fixtures and end-use parts.


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