New to our range of robotics products, bq have engineered a full set of different robotics kits to help introduce and engage children in the world of 3D printing and robotics. These products include, the Printbot Evolution, the ZUM Kit and the Zowi.


The PrintBot Evolution is an exciting new upgrade of the previous PrintBot Rencuajo. The New PrintBot features line and light following capabilities which allow it to avoid obstacles which may be in its way. You can 3D Print skin designs from the DIWO website to give it the look you want, whether that be a dragon or an elephant. Or you can create your own skin designs to give your PrintBot a personal look. The PrintBot kit has everything needed to build the robot and get it running.


The Zowi is a fun new robot, designed for kids. The Zowi will work as soon as you take it out of the box and boot it up. It starts off with some basic programming, and can walk, dance, dodge obstacles, and can even react to sounds around it! But it has so much room for development. It is easily disassembled and reassembled, and using Bitbloq you can create new programming features for the Zowi. There is also a compatible app for the Zowi.  Using the Zowi website, you can view lots of different challenges for you to complete, and with every successful test, new actions will be unlocked.


The ZUM Kit is a new tool for children to learn about the basics of different technological components, whilst building and programming a small, customizable robot, whether that may be an RC car or a light controller. The Kit does not include casing or wheels but with access to a 3D Printer you can create the parts to turn this into a PrintBot.


You can find all of these products in the 3D Robotics category page.