Daemon3Ds’ sample packs have been popular since we launched them, but our original idea to supply a little bit of every colour so that you can gauge the final effect, as well as mix up your print results to keep things interesting, has now extended into the rather more serious and useful world of engineering materials.


So instead of just a mixed bag of PLA colours (which are of course, still available), our samples now include single lengths (typically 5m or 10m) of specialist filaments with unique capabilities, such as ninja flex, magnetic iron, glow in the dark, carbonfill and ABS & PLA filaments from our Daemon3D Recommends range.


The specialist materials we offer mean you can really explore the Function of your printed piece as well as the Form, so that your industrial prototypes are more than offering a piece up for Fit and aesthetic properties, but can also provide product performance data, or even of course, be the final product with all the intrinsic engineering properties it requires.


If you would like to try out filaments before committing to buying a full spool, or you only need a few grammes of material to complete a job, these sample packs will be perfect for you.


Due to the engineering characteristics of some of the materials, some of these filaments have very high extrusion temperatures or have abrasive elements within them, making them materials which may be cause wear and stress within the standard extruder nozzles in the long term. For these, we offer our range of E3D Steel Hardened Nozzles, Volcano Hot Ends and range of nozzle sizes to get the best results possible for the filament you’ve chosen.

See our full range here: Filament Samples