We've re-designed our Filaments section on Daemon3D Print...


...to make sure you can find the filaments you need as easily as possible! We have also launched a few new categories, which we're really excited about:

Engineering Filaments

Engineering Filaments include filaments best suited for industrial prototyping and manufacturing within the professional sector. These filaments possess flexibility, strength and the ability to withstand hot temperatures. Our range includes ABS, with this material you will be able to produce 3D prints with higher strength, flexibility and durability than those printed with PLA. Also available in this range are Engineering PLA’s from MakerBot, Daemon3D and Leapfrog, which have similar printing properties as PLA, but with a stronger end result than ABS. With the Engineering PLA's you will no longer have to work with difficult ABS filaments and you will be able to get real engineering properties from older 3D printers that have no heated bed.

Special Materials

PLA and ABS filaments are the most commonly used 3D printing materials and they are perfect for basic 3D printing and prototyping. If you have more demanding applications then there is an impressive range of new specialist 3D print materials on the market.