The New MakerBot Tough Filament has been engineered for durable 3D printed prototypes and fixtures, meaning you can print with confidence – print tough.


This filament has 2x the impact strength of ABS for high durability prototypes and it’s ideal for working protoypes and manufacturing aids. You will experience significantly less warping and curling than ABS without the need for heated build plates. It’s highly-machinable for a wide range of post processing techniques and it’s more office friendly than ABS.


Durable, Usable Parts
At 2X the impact strength of ABS, MakerBot Tough filament offers superior durability for industrial prototyping and manufacturing aid applications. With tensile and flexural strength that match ABS, designers and engineers can create parts that hold up under all types of stress.


Print with Confidence
MakerBot Tough filament was developed not only for its strength and part performance but also to overcome two of the most glaring issues that hamper ABS: warping and curling. With MakerBot Tough filament, parts can be printed with ease on MakerBot 3D printers without the need for excessive adjustments or tweaking.


Machine and Finish
The same properties that give MakerBot Tough filament its durability also make it ideal for machining and post-processing. Throw your printed part into the CNC or drill press; tap some threads and bolt on a steel bracket,
or sand the surface down and apply paint for a finished presentation piece. 


Tech Specs




*Notched/Unnotched IZOD Hinged data is measured in ft lb/in. All tests were performed following ASTM standard protocol with injection molded specimens from the same resin used to create MakerBot laments. The Flexural strength test was performed according to standard ASTM D790 protocol; The Tensile Strength test was performed according to standard ASTM D628 protocol. The impact IZOD Strength test was per- formed according to standard ASTM D256 protocol.