After 160,000+ hours of rigorous testing, MakerBot have further developed their Smart Extruder technology. The new Smart Extruder+ has further reduced the risk of filament clogging compared to its predecessor, the original Smart Extruder. There are 2 versions of the extruder, one of which is compatible with the MakerBot Replicator Z18 and the other compatible with the Replicator Desktop & Replicator Mini. 


The Smart Extruder + shares many of the same great features as the original Smart Extruder, but, all the development and test time invested, extend the quality and durability of this extruder even further.


The main feature of Smart Extruder + is the reduced risk of clogging, achieved by longer PTFE Lining and Hot End design tolerances, this frequent problem with ordinary extruders across the 3D Print world is much reduced. In addition, the clever latching system for installation introduced on MakerBots’ original Smart Extruder now incorporates longer pins and stronger magnets to really underline the reliability and robustness of the connection system.


Also introduce in the Smart Extruder + is a further enhanced sensor system giving the extruder improved detection of printing problems and increasing the accuracy of the automated leveling system.


So confident are the MakerBot engineers that you will love the Smart Extruder +, it comes with an extended warranty of 6 months and a 50% discount when bought with a new MakerBot 5th Generation Printer (Replicator Desktop, Replicator Mini, Replicator Z18).