Daemon3D print is excited to announce that we are now accepting pre-order confirmations for the bq Witbox Go!


We have received word from bq headquarters in Spain that the new Witbox Go! 3D printer is now available for Pre-Order until Tuesday, August 15th.  We are excited to share this offer exclusively with our customers, and give you the chance to purchase the new Witbox Go! before it goes on sale globally on Friday, September 15th.


To reserve your bq Witbox Go! only a deposit of £81.00/€100.00 (excl. tax) or £97.20/€120.00 (incl. tax) is required. The remainder of the full payment is taken when it comes into stock and shipping is confirmed, on Friday, September 1st.


Your brand new bq Witbox Go! will ship just in time for the school year.


The bq Witbox Go! is an Open Source 3D printer, best suited for beginners, hobbyists, and primary students. Its small size and minimalist design make it well suited for the home or office, and only takes 15 minutes for initial set up for the first print, compared to the normal 2 hours needed.




Equipped with next generation automated components to ensure consistent high quality prints, the bq Witbox Go! is extremely user friendly.  Some of its best features are listed below:

- Auto-stop function for nozzle clogs and filament changes
- Filament recognition system
- Heated print bed
- Trinamic chip: minimises noise and controls motor movement
- Built-in Wi-Fi/ NFC Connectivity
- Zetup software compatible with PC’s and smartphones
- Android Marshmallow app
- No hair spray or adhesives needed on print bed
- Print volume: 140 x 140 x 140mm




As always, any bq Witbox Go! comes with our superior full-service support—in person, on the phone or online, our expert professionals answer virtually straight away or within the hour, offering simple and honest feedback and clear solutions.


To reserve your Witbox Go! now, please click on the link below and look for the Pre-Order options to check out.