Wasp have created Shamballa, which is their technological village. This technological village is dedicated to 3D printing and at the heart of this project is the 12 metres high printer, the BigDelta WASP. This 3D printer is the result of a research project in the field of sustainable housing construction with locally available materials and low costs. This has been WASP’s primary objective since the very start.



This is located in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna) thanks to a partnership between CSP srl (Centro Sviluppo Progetti – WASProject) and the district that has made the land available in the industrial zone of the town, in Cooperazione road.


Wasp is a leader in the 3D printing technology and its goal is to disseminate the current state of its technology by building an eco-friendly village with low energy consumption. Therefore, Massa Lombarda is going to be an important Technology Experimentation Centre dedicated to 3D printing, a unique case in Italy and maybe in the World.




The technological village was named Shamballa because of the name of the mythological place that symbolises the city of peace, tranquillity and happiness. This city is quoted in a lot of cultural documents for its spirituality and technical advance. House, Food, Employment, Healthcare and Wellness are the basic human necessities of life and in Wasp’s Shamballa houses and vertical vegetable gardens of different sizes will be printed. There will also be laboratory for compact desktop printers to make objects such a furniture, jewellery and ceramics. Thanks to the collaboration with some artists, Wasp are developing a cultural project.