After much anticipation, the new Smart Extruder+ is finally here!


The Smart Extruder+ compatible for the Replicator Desktop and the Replicator Mini is in stock now. This means those who have pre ordered should see it arrive in the next few days, any new orders will be able to be shipped immediately.


However, we expect stock of the Z18 Smart Extruder+ to arrive straight after Easter. This means pre-orders for this item will be shipped after Easter. If you would like to be notified when this item comes in stock click here.


For those who may have forgotten or did not know, there is a 50% discount for the new Smart Extruder for new and existing customers. If you are a new customer the Smart Extruder is available with a 50% discount when bought alongside a new MakerBot 5th Generation 3D Printer. For existing customers, if you contact us with the Serial Number of the MakerBot 5th Generation Printer you already own, we will contact you shortly afterwards with a discount code to claim your discounted Smart Extruder+.


If you have any questions or queries about the new Smart Extruder please click here.