Carbodeon uDiamond PLA

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Carbodeon uDiamond PLA

Carbodeon uDiamond PLA (polylatic acid) is a high-performance diamond enhanced 3D printing filament. With uDiamond filament you get the stiffest, strongest, toughest and fastest performance without loosing the ease of printing with PLA filaments.

Carbodeon uDiamond PLA is a diamond enhanced 3D printing filament that provides excellent performance and results. uDiamond filament is made with functionalised nano-diamond particles. Because the nano-diamonds are spherical, they act as a kind of lubricant during the filament extrusion, meaning there's no increase in nozzle wear. Printing speeds of 500mm/s are made possible due to the enhanced thermal conductivity of the material. The polymer structure is reinforced by the diamond particles making it stiffer, stronger and better adhesion between the printed layers.

Diamonds dramatically enhance durability and tribology in a range of metal plated finishes including environmentally friendly alternatives to hard chrome. This filament is suitable for consumer-grade and professional FDM/FFF 3D printers.

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Material PLA
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Product Details 500g spool
Low toxicity
Nozzle friendly
Withstands heat
High strength
High stiffness
Printing speed up to 500mm/s
Technical Details Nozzle temperature: 220C-250C (depending on speed)
Printing speed: 50-500 mm/sec
Bed temperature: 0C-50C
Stiffness (Young's modulus): 6500MPa
Strength (Tensile Strength): 45MPa
Heat Deflection Temperature: 95C
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