Global Warning Teacher's Box + free Supplies Starter Kit (for 12)

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Global warning

A research vessel sets off on an expedition around the world to understand global warming and how it affects climate. During the journey, the crew members wear many hats as they research, assess, design and build, discovering smart solutions and winning strategies for adapting to life in a changing climate. Their mission? To gain knowledge through exploring best practices in sustainability and passing it on to others – and laying the foundations of sustainable living.

Global warning is a science-based, data-based, non-biased course material that story files and gamifies climate change to make it accessible for students of all interests and abilities.

Maker’s Red Box Starter Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s guide
  • Structured guide for 16 maker occasions
  • Online video tutorial for each lesson
  • Classroom presentations
  • Program codes
  • Digital object designs (STL, CAD)
  • Competency guide
  • Soldering guide
  • Micro:bit workbook
  • Sample kit
  • Supplements for 12 students (additional supplements available)
  • Support: webinars and hotline
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You're reviewing:Global Warning Teacher's Box + free Supplies Starter Kit (for 12)
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Pedagogical Guide
  • Endangered species bookmarks
  • MRB micro: bit shield with environmental sensors
  • Mini screwdriver
  • 3D printed coral
  • Laser-cut sample cabin
  • Chennai map
  • Chennai task cards, 6 types/set
  • Carbon cycle board game
  • Carbon cycle board game cards, 20 types/set
  • Orinoco Delta mat
  • Coral nursery mat
  • Research vessel poster
  • Chennai in the future poster
  • Palau in the future poster
  • Orinoco in the future poster
  • Fact or fake? task cards
  • School buildings mats, 4 types/set
  • Black reflective sheets
  • White reflective sheets
  • Chennai arrows
  • Chennai connector pieces
  • Chennai junctions, 7 sizes
  • "Carbon board game CO2 and methane pieces,
  • 44+6/set"
  • Crocodile clips
  • Chennai sample vehicles, 10 types/set
  • Laser-cut wire spreaders
  • Trial Stage school buildings

Starter Kit

  • Travel Journals
  • Role stickers, 6 types/sheet
  • micro: bit dashboard components, 4/set
  • micro: bit dashboard stickers
  • Thermochromic filament spool
  • Limestone pieces
  • Wire, Ø=0.6 mm
  • Paper bags
  • Beakers, 1L