Meet Our New Champion - Andy Pole

Andy Pole is one of our User Experts and a great Champion for the Flux Laser Cutters. Andy owns a Beambox Pro and has done projects in all sorts of materials. Even though Andy only creates to requests from friends and family, it means that his hobby has no ongoing costs, but he could be making money if he tried!

To his own confession, Andy is not an expert in image creation, but there are so many free to use images on the internet that that hasn’t slowed him down in anyway – just take a look at the guitar that he made from templates freely available.

If you have questions on materials from plywood to glass, ceramics, and slate, and you are based in or around Leicestershire, then Andy is your man for help and advice to get you through the decision process of which is the best Flux Laser Cutter for you and up the learning curve.

Contact details:

Email - [email protected]