Meet Daemon3D’s New Champion - Jasmin from the Aurora Effect

The Aurora Effect was founded by Jasmin in Worthing who started her business by originally making wedding accessories, however, her business really picked up when she started to design and create hand-etched glassware. Jasmin then bought the Flux Beamo with the rotary attachment so she could fulfil more orders per day and really take her business to the next level. Since buying the Flux Beamo, The Aurora Effect has now become an established gift shop selling a wide range of personalised items including gin glasses, wooden chopping boards, slate coasters, coffee glasses, mugs and so much more.

The Aurora Effect has had a lot of success using the Flux laser cutters for their personalised products and gifts that it has become a full-time job for Jasmin, and in turn, The Aurora Effect has become part of an online community full of people who love handcrafted gifts but also other like-minded individuals that want to have a go at creating their own pieces of work using laser cutting and engraving. This is why we have decided to team up with The Aurora Effect and appoint Jasmin as one of our champions to represent the Flux laser cutter and engravers.

You can check out the amazing products and gifts that the Aurora Effect make on their website and on their Instagram page.