Meet Our New Champion - Elaine Varney from The Black Dog Craft Co

Elaine has owned a flux laser cutter for around six months and enjoys using it for hobbies and gifts for her family and friends. After seeing the success of her homemade gifts, she decided to open her own business, The Black Dog Craft Co, she even left her full time employment to run her busy business from home.

Elaine has gained a lot of knowledge since starting her own business and owning a laser cutter, she has been amazed by how simple it has been to use one. Elaine started out with the Beamo, a fantastic machine for beginners, and has just made the leap to a Beambox. She mainly makes personalised items such as keyrings, baby plaques, and dog tags but will be branching out into sign making. Elaine is more than happy to assist anyone with their laser cutter as she knows how daunting it can be, especially if like Elaine, you are starting out on your own.