Meet Daemon3D’s New Champion - Will Aston at WoodSmokeDesigns

William Aston of WoodSmokeDesigns has always loved spending his free time designing and making things using various formats. A few years ago, he purchased an electric engraving iron, much like a soldering iron, and began working on engraving wood. From there Will has purchased an open DIY laser rig which he played around on for a while before investing in a much larger unit from America, but he has now upgraded again to a Flux Beambox.

Will originally purchased the Flux Beambox as a backup for his other unit, which was down at the time, however, it quickly became his primary unit as the computer system is much more intuitive and easier to use. Also, because of the Beambox’s higher LPI Will’s final designs came out much crisper, especially when engraving small text or detailed pieces.

Will plans to keep growing his business by adding new stock and creating new ideas and pieces of work to his shop. He is also planning to purchase a second Beambox in the future.

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