Oryx Additive Partners With MakerBot to Offer Support Removal Solutions for Customers

Oryx Additive, known for their Consolidate and Comprehensive solutions for additive manufacturing, offers the sca1200ht wash tank - made for parts produced from the MakerBot METHOD 3D printers. The sca1200ht is designed specifically for the removal of soluble support materials of parts made from the Method 3D Printers. It's made to work seamlessly with all soluble materials and the base modelling materials in conjunction with all recommended support removal concentrates. Model materials include ABS, ASA, Nylon, Polycarbonate materials, and many other types of plastics and materials all listed on their website.

MakerBot offers Stratasys® SR-30™ soluble support materials for the METHOD platform, which is designed to enable users to integrate printed parts with a unique design with freedom and complexity. While achieving a smoother surface finish. METHOD’s industrial capabilities allow users to print a range of advanced materials and experiment with different designs and new applications.

Keith Jeffcoat, CEO of Oryx Additive said, “Our vision at Oryx is to achieve the full potential of additive manufacturing by collaborating with customers and being a trusted partner. With METHOD X, MakerBot has forged a new path towards industrial 3D printing. METHOD’s industrial capabilities and advanced materials is designed to enable it to print a range of applications nearly on par with its traditional counterparts. With the sca1200ht, METHOD X users can take their post-processing and support removal to a level commensurate with the reliability expected at the industrial level. We are ecstatic to partner with a great company, with great products, led by great people.”

The Vice President of Product Development at MakerBot, Johan-Till Broer, also expressed his pride about the partnership between Oryx Additive and MakerBot. “METHOD X was designed as an industrial platform with the ability to allow users to print with a variety of advanced engineering materials. Combined with SR-30, users can create parts with complex geometries, like internal cavities or steep overhangs. We are thrilled to work with Oryx to offer one of the most popular and efficient cleaning solutions on the market.”

Oryx Additive spends significant time working on the plan, improvement, development, and assembling of completing and post handling hardware for additive manufacturing. Their SCA product range incorporates the mainstream sca1200ht and the sca3600. The organization disseminates its items across different sub-classifications of the additive manufacturing industry, including customer items, plan and designing, car and aerospace.