City of the Future Teacher's Box + free Supplies Starter Kit (for 12)

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Kids are given an opportunity to imagine and design the city of the future they would like to live in. The city constantly changes as they get introduced to new technologies and learn to act as a team. The course introduces them to urban development concepts like governance and sustainability. They must come up with solutions by creating a scaled-down model with laser cutting, 3D printing and programmable microcontrollers. While building the city, they seek answers for the challenges of the future they will soon experience.

Makers Red Box is a great way for students to learn and explore using different methods of teaching and technical skills including Creative Writing, Mathematics, 3D Printing, Soldering, Laser Cutting, Robotics, Coding, as well as soft skills such as Creative Problem Solving, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, and Business Skills. All help the student grow into thriving and ambitious individuals.

Maker’s Red Box Starter Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s guide
  • Structured guide for 16 maker occasions
  • Online video tutorial for each lesson
  • Classroom presentations
  • Program codes
  • Digital object designs (STL, CAD)
  • Competency guide
  • Soldering guide
  • Micro:bit workbook
  • Sample kit
  • Supplements for 12 students (additional supplements available)
  • Support: webinars and hotline
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  • Teacher’s Guide
  • USB flash drive
  • composite drawings
  • role-playing cards
  • sample hexa box
  • printed sample buildings

Starter Kit

  • lesson plans
  • hexa box bottoms
  • hexa box tops
  • artificial turf rolls 300 × 400 mm
  • pebble sheets 300 × 400 mm
  • spreadable turf
  • neopixel rings
  • 5 mm photoresistors
  • twin core wire
  • warm white LED, clear
  • clear filament
  • piezo audio transducers (earthquake detector
  • micro:bit connectors
  • coloured paper
  • heat-shrink tubing, size 3/1,5