Delta Wasp 60100

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Delta Wasp 60100

The Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer is the second largest of the WASP Industrial 3D Printer line, the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer was developed for companies and professionals who are in need of larger size print production which is also rapid, accurate and precise. Ideal for small series internal productions and rapid prototyping activities, it has the capacity to print a cylinder print circumference of 600mm x 1000m height.

Huge Build Volume

The Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer is not only the second largest industrial 3D printer supplied by Daemon3D Print, but also the second largest manufactured by WASP. Offering a maximum cylinder circumference build of 600x1000mm and a maximum height build of 1000mm, helps to bring your larger scale designs to life.

Delta Geometric System & Suspended Bowden System

Other FDM 3D printers work on the Cartesian System providing an x, y, and zed axis. The Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer uses the Delta Geometric System, which consists of 3 main arms connecting to the extruder, which move up and down independently. The position of the extruder is estimated by using trigonometric functions. This causes the vector of movement to be more precise as inertia is intrinsically lowered.

Spitfire Black Extruder

The Spitfire Black Extruder is supplied as standard with an LT 0.7mm heater cartridge on the Delta WASP 60100 printer. The modular architecture allows to mount a specific cartridge and nozzle for your needs. The SPITFIRE System is equipped with a new resistance that can bring the nozzle temperature up to 350 ° C, for printing more technical materials. You can now print with PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PVA, HIPS & Polypropylene.

LDM Clay Extruder Kit 2.0

The Clay Extruder Kit 2.0 is a LDM (Liquid Deposit Modelling) professional kit for fluid-dense and ceramic materials. The Clay Extruder Kit 2.0 has the ability to eliminate air bubbles in the mixture before it is extruded. The Clay Extruder Kit 2.0 includes a 3 litre tank (which can be substituted with a 5 litre one). Inside, there is a piston with two 4 bar gaskets, this pushes the material through the teflon pipe (diameter 12mm) and supplies the extruder. The cap located on the back has a safety valve set at 8 bar. This is an optional piece of kit that is compatible with the Red Spitfire Extruder.

*When printing with dense materials on clay 3D printers, you will need to use an air compressor to get rid of all the air bubbles in the material tank, this is so the mixture can flow through the extruder smoothly without any breaks. You can use any EU specified air compressor with 3.5 - 5.5 bar pressure, which you can get online or at a hardware store.

Interchangeable Extruders, Nozzles & Tools

With the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer you can choose from the Black Spitfire Extruder (doubles the printing speed), Fluid Dense Extruder (print with concrete, porcelain and clay), or the Basic Extruder (fine and high-precision printing). Nozzles are heated for optimal extrusion of polymeric filaments, or kept cold for semi-fluid materials. All extruders can easily be exchanged on the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer in one minute and can be done so mid-print.

Three Arms Stabilisation System

The new stabilisation system on the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer provides an extra three arms for a total of nine, instead of the original six, further dispersing inertia equally away from the extruder, for increased speed, accuracy and precision.

Resurrection System

The Resurrection System is an auto-save and back up feature on the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer, which allows you to stop 3D printing before completion and continue hours, days or weeks later from where you left off. By interrupting the track to the Arduino with 12 volt and have added a diode and a 10.000 µF-condenser (little battery), WASP have evolved the function of “stop and save.”

Free Zed System

The Free Zed System is a recovery process on the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer useful for clay and prototyping which gives you the ability to start printing from anywhere within the 3D print’s instructions.

User Friendly Interface

The Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer offers a new 32-bit industrial quality proprietary board for improved speed, an LCD Display, built-in Wi-Fi and SD Card compatibility for easy accessibility and control. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. File extensions include: .stl, .gcode, .obj.

Enclosed Chamber

The entire printer bed of the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer is enclosed within the chamber, providing thermal and acoustic insulation within a controlled environment. The heated chamber on the Delta WASP 60100 3D Printer has an air re-circulation system to keep uniform temperature.

More Information
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Build Volume: Ø 600 x h 1000 mm
Minimum Layer Height: 100 Micron
Print Speed Max: 200 mm/s
Travel Speed Max: 200 mm/s
Acceleration: 3.000 mm/s2
Max Temperature Printing Plan: 120°C
Nozzle Diameter (Spitfire Black Extruder): LT 0.7mm included, additional options available here
Configurable Tools: Black Spitfire Extruder
LDM Wasp Clay Extruder
Product Weight: 100 kg
250 kg (Shipping Box Weight)
Product Dimensions: 118 cm x 104 cm x 254 cm
292 cm x 132 cm x 127 cm (Shipping Box Dimensions)
Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG & PA Carbon
Software: Operating Systems - Windows, Mac, Linux
Slicing Software - compatible with all slicing softwares (Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D)
File Type - .stl, .obj, .gcode
Interface: SD Card
LCD Screen
Temperature: Environment of Use - 20-30°C
Warehouse - 0-30°C
Warranty: All of our machines come with a standard 12 month return to base warranty (parts only), this means “you the customer" are responsible for sending the item back to us. All return shipping costs for warranty work are at the cost of the customer and the return must be sent back in the original packaging. Please check the Shipping & Returns page for more warranty information.
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What's in the Box

  • Black Spitfire Filament Extruder, LT 0.7mm
  • Spool holder
  • 1 kg spool of PLA
  • Packaging for national/international shipping in wooden box (292 x 132 x 127 cm)

Built to Order - Typically 4 weeks

Consumables Packs

PLA Pack

  • 3 x Daemon3D Recommends PLA

ABS Pack

  • 3 x Daemon3D Recommends ABS


  • 3 x Daemon3D Recommends ABS
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