Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit

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Dobot Magician Lite Ai Teaching Kit

The Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit is a fun and creative way for educators and students to learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit is for use with the Magician Lite robotic arm and contains a wealth of accessories, such as goods boxes, goods models, garbage cards, shelves, and maps. Inspired by AI smart life, this kit showcases experimental cases such as automated goods entering a warehouse, automated restocking in warehouses, smart shopping assistant and garbage classification.

In the process of completing these experiments, students can learn about OCR text recognition, image recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, among other technologies, obtaining a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and its application in real life and work while exploring more ideas.

The Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit is designed to work flawlessly in co-operation with the Dobot Magician Lite, which helps young students learn through playing, while also helping teach robots to "See" & "Understand" through Image and speech recognition.

The kit contains various materials to construct mock-ups of real-life situations including:

  • Drink models
  • Fruit models
  • Vegetable models
  • Goods boxes
  • Waste bins
  • Shelf
  • Cards
  • Construction map
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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit
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