E3D Experimental Nozzle

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E3D Experimental Nozzles

These E3D Experimental Nozzles are at the cutting edge of 3D printing. These E3D Experimental Nozzles will fit V6, Lite6 and Titan Aero HotEnds and they are compatible with Prusa 3D printers.

E3D Experimental Brass Undrilled Nozzles. Printing with the 0.15mm nozzles allows you to resolve a level of detail, which rivals even SLS methods. The E3D Experimental Nozzles will provide you with a level of reliability and quality that you won’t see in other tiny nozzles. In particular, attention has been paid to details like tip-flat size and orifice length.

Slicer Settings Nozzle Size 0.15mm

Layer Height - We recommend somewhere in the region of 0.08mm. This proved to be the sweet-spot for us.

Print Speeds - Make sure to turn your speeds and acceleration down. This is all about precision, and precision takes time. We ran our printers at 18mm.s-1, with outline and infill under-speeds at 75-80%. The overhangs were left at the default 45°, and the minimum infill length at 5 mm.

Retraction - Stringing can be almost entirely tuned away in your retraction settings, however poor tuning can make things much worse due to the higher extrusion forces and pressures. We were using 1mm at 30mm/s.

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