E3D Volcano Brass Nozzle

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E3D Volcano Brass Nozzles

These E3D Volcano Brass Nozzles are high-performance for your Volcano HotEnd. From super-fine to super-fat layering, you'll be making stronger, faster and bigger prints in no time! The E3D Volcano Brass Nozzles are immediately compatible with the Lulzbot Moarstruder, but many RepRap 3D printers including the Prusa i3 can be upgraded with a Volcano.

E3D Volcano Brass Nozzles have extra-long heated melt zones for ultimate filament melt speeds. E3D have also carefully crafted the Volcano Brass Nozzles’ internal geometry to optimise flow and throughput, as well as ensuring the nozzle tip is appropriately sized for flattening down extra wide printed traces.

Volcano HotEnds have been created to ensure you can print big, strong and fast prints. Volcano brings a huge boost in the speed that the HotEnd melts and extrudes filament. This enables the practical use of larger nozzle diameters and the printing of thicker layer heights. By simultaneously increasing the amount of plastic the HotEnd can process per second and also increasing the maximum layer height we can gain drastic reductions in print time.

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