E3D Volcano Hardened Steel Nozzle

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E3D Volcano Hardened Steel Nozzles

These E3D Volcano Hardened Steel Nozzles are essential if you are printing with Carbon Fibre filled or abrasive materials, which would cause quick and significant damage to standard nozzles.

The E3D Volcano Hardened Steel Nozzles are based on E3D’s original nozzle, the difference is the change from brass to a specific steel and then post processing with a mixture of thermal and chemical treatments to produce this hard wearing nozzle.

Paying a little extra for this Volcano hardened steel nozzle is worth the money in the long run as you won’t be constantly replacing worn out nozzles, E3D’s hope for these nozzles is that they will be able to handle any new materials manufacturers bring to the 3D market.

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