FilaFlex Original 82A

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FilaFlex Original 82A

Available in 5 colours, the FilaFlex Original 82A is the original elastic filament for 3D printers, this revolutionary material is a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) with a polyurethane base and some additives to make it printable in your 3D printer. FilaFlex has an incredible elasticity that allows you to create flexible printed parts for your projects. FilaFlex filament is extensively tested by Recreus to ensure you achieve the highest quality 3D print results. FilaFlex is different to print with than rigid filaments, but with a proper configuration you can do it without problems.

Recreus FilaFlex Original 82A filament is compatible with any printer that uses 1.75mm filament - a heated bed or kapton tape is not required with 82A FilaFlex . FilaFlex prints with cura, slic3r and other slicing software, it is resistant to acetone, fuel and solvent and is also non-toxic, odourless and safe to use in domestic environments.

We only stock select colours of Recreus FilaFlex Original 82A filament in 500g spools, however all other colours can be requested as well as 3kg spools. *N.B. As we do not hold all colours in stock, there is an extra charge and a lead time typically of 7 working days for those colours we don't stock*. We also offer printing profiles for the FilaFlex filament available for download.

Technical Features

  • +-0.05mm tolerance
  • High adhesion with 3d printed bed
  • Do not need heated bed
  • Do not need kapton or blue tape. For large parts we recommend 3D Lac
  • Odourless
  • Resistant to acetone, fuel and solvent
  • Non-hazardous substance according to the GHS classification
More Information
Material Flexible Material
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs & Printing Recommendations:

Diameter: 1.75 mm
Printing Speed: 30 - 90 mm/s
Printing Temperature: 215 - 245 ºC
Density: 215 KG/M^3
Shore Hardness: (A) 82
Tensile Strength: 39 MPA
Strain to break: 700%
Spool Gross weight: 500g
Size: Small (500g Spool)
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