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Magigoo 3D Printing Adhesive

The Magigoo 3D Printing Adhesive is a revolutionary new product, which acts as an excellent adhesive for your prints when using heated beds. The Magigoo 3D Printing Adhesive is odourless, non-toxic, long lasting, easy to apply and features an incredible 'easy release mechanism'. The 3D printing adhesive pen works with PLA, ABS and other 3D filaments. This adhesive pen works on heated beds and supplies strong adhesion when the bed is hot, when the bed cools down the adhesion weakens, allowing you to gently remove your 3D printed models.

The Magigoo 3D Printing Adhesive comes in a wide felt tip pen form making it easy to apply to the 3D printing surface.  After the it has been applied it should be left to dry before 3D printing is started, it is also recommended that after each 3D print the plate is cleaned and applied with a new coat of Magigoo.

The Magigoo 3D Printing Adhesive helps to avoid 3D print warping, allows for longer print times and flat surfaces. You will also be able to print delicate 3D models because no force is required to remove the 3D print from the bed. The Magigoo 3D Printing Adhesive is different to other 3D platform fixing products because there are no harmful chemicals present in its formulation and it’s also possible to clean off the plate using a damp cloth.


  • Easy Application
  • Easy Release
  • Odourless
  • Non-Toxic
  • Lasts over 100 prints
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Technical Specifications


How to apply Magigoo

Before applying:

  • Shake the Magigoo pen like you mean it!
  • Press down the nib on the printing bed for Magigoo to flow.
  • Spread more or less evenly on the printing area. It is enough to cover your active print area with an even thin layer.

Its best to apply Magigoo when the printing bed is cool, but it will also work if applied on an already hot print bed. Make sure to use Magigoo with suggested plastics and with correctly levelled bed and suitable printing settings. See recommended settings below. For good and reliable adhesion we recommend to apply Magigoo every time.

Recommended Printing Settings

Magigoo has been designed and extensively tested to work with PLA and ABS plastics. It has shown good results also with HIPS, PET-G and even some branded Nylon filaments. As the composition of each plastic is a little different, the effective settings for Magigoo may vary. Here are the ranges of effective application.

Here are the ranges of effective application:

Bed Temperature in C 40-60 90-110
Bed Temperature in F 104-140 194-230

How to reach ideal adhesion?

Plastic adhesion is a complex process with many variables. Ideal settings may vary depending on the 3D printer being used, heated bed technology, plastic brand and even the environment you are printing in. Magigoo is a really good product, but it would require some effort from your side to fine-tune it for the best performance. We recommend to change the temperature in increments of 5C or 9F.

Problem How to solve
Bed temperature too low Not enough adhesion may cause release and warping Increase in 5-10 degree increments until ideal adhesion
Ideal One perfect print Keep printing perfect prints
Bed temperature too high May cause "Elephant's Foot or warping Decrease in 5-10 degree increments until ideal adhesion
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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Magigoo Pen
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