MakerBot Method X Carbon Fibre & Labs Extruder Bundle

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The MakerBot Method X Carbon Fibre Edition & Labs Extruder Bundle

With this Bundle you get the MakerBot Method X Carbon Fibre 3D Printer and a MakerBot Labs Extruder for FREE.

The MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer is one of the most intelligent 3D printers on the market combining industry expertise and technologies from Stratasys®. The MakerBot METHOD X is a 3D printer that produces dimensionally accurate parts that fit on the first try regardless of their complexity. Print carbon fibre reinforced nylon and other engineering-grade composite parts with three dimensional strength and accuracy, for complex, accurate and durable end-use parts (not just prototypes) that can go from print to immediate use. Let the Method X streamline your workflow and use this ideal tool to create functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and end-use parts.

LABS Experimental Extruder

The MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruder easily swaps into the model material slot of METHOD and METHOD X for unlimited material testing options and optimisation. Built on the same industrial architecture as the Performance Extruder for METHOD, the Experimental Extruder brings power and precision with the added benefit of interchangeable nozzle assemblies.

  • Print third-party materials on an industrial 3D printing platform with modular hardware and advanced print settings.
  • Discover pre-qualified materials from leading filament companies to explore new 3D printing applications.
  • Tap your innovative spirit and explore new 3D printing applications. Experiment with a wide range of materials and properties to realise your ideas.

Print Durable End-Use Parts

3D printing is utilised when production numbers do not justify the time and expense of developing traditional tooling. It can also give designers the freedom to design without geometric constraints, leading to innovative solutions.

Superior Nylon Carbon Fibre Filament

METHOD’s unique industrial feature set produces carbon fibre parts with superior three dimensional strength and accuracy.

100°C Heated Chamber

You can print ABS in temperatures of up to 100°C thanks the circulating heated chambers. This means warping and cracking of the filament will be dramatically decreased while dimensional accuracy of your print will be increased.

Dual Extruders & Support System

Use the MakerBot METHOD X Model 1XA & Support 2XA Extruders with MakerBot's production-grade ABS and SR-30 water soluble support material for complex, accurate and durable end-use parts (not just prototypes) that have complex over-hangs. You can create prototypes or press-fit production floor parts and manufacturing tools that can be used straight out the printer.

SCA-1200HT Cleaning Bath

The SCA-1200HT is specifically designed for the removal of soluble support materials on 3D printed parts. The units are compatible with all Stratasys soluble support materials and corresponding build materials in conjunction with all recommended support removal concentrates. Find out more here.

*purchased separately

Clean Air Module

Safety in the workplace is essential. Clean Air utilizes top of the line HEPA filtration to remove Ultra Fine Particles from the air - leaving your environment as clean - if not cleaner than it was before. Internal testing at MakerBot shows that the MakerBot Clean Air System removes up to 95% of ultra-fine particles compared to printing without the accessory. Click Here to read more.

*purchased separately

Performance Base Station

The MakerBot Method Base Station is a stand unit for the Method and Method X 3D Printers. The Base Station has many features to ensure your printing experience is smooth and easy, such as large front draws and cupboard space to hold extra filament, spare parts and extra bits and bobs you may need on hand.

*purchased separately

More Information
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

SKU: 900-0002A
Dimensional Accuracy: 0.2mm (0.007 in)
Layer Resolution: 20-400 micron
Build Speed: Max Material Flow Rate ~50 mm3 per sec
Print Head Travel Speed - Up to 500 mm per sec
Build Volume: Single Extrusion: 19L x 19W x 19.6H cm
Dual Extrusion: 15.2L x 19W x 19.6H cm
Heated Chamber Temperature: 100°C
Product Weight: 29.5 kg / 65 lbs
37.1 kg / 81.7 lbs (Shipping Box Weight)
Product Dimensions: 43.7 L x 41.3 W x 64.9 H cm / 17.2 x 16.3 x 25.6 in)
Dual Extruders: Model 1XA Extruder - 900-0043A
Support 2XA Extruder - 900-0044A
Model 1 Extruder - 900-0012A
Support 2 Extruder - 900-0013A
Extruder Hardware: Extruder Thermal Core Length - 48.2mm
Max Extruder Drive Torque - 200 Newtons
Nozzle Diameter - 0.4mm
Supported Materials: MakerBot Precision ABS
MakerBot Precision ASA
Stratasys SR-30
MakerBot Precision PLA
MakerBot Precision Tough PLA
MakerBot Speciality PETG
MakerBot Precision PVA
Spool: Spool Type - Smart Spool with RFID Sensors
Spool Sensors - Remaining Material
Warranty: All of our machines come with a standard 12 month return to base warranty, this means “you the customer" are responsible for sending the item back to us. All return shipping costs for warranty work are at the cost of the customer and the return must be sent back in the original packaging. Please check the Shipping & Returns page for more warranty information.
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Whats in the Box

  • MakerBot Method Performance Printer
  • MakerBot Model 1XA Performance Extruder
  • MakerBot Support 2XA Performance Extruder
  • Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Build Plate with 1 x grip tape in place
  • Getting Started Sheet
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PDF Makerbot METHOD Nylon Safety Data Sheet PDF 121.3 KB Download
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pdf MakerBot METHOD PC-ABS Data Sheet pdf 1.2 MB Download
pdf MakerBot LABS for METHOD pdf 737 KB Download
pdf MakerBot METHOD Speciality Nylon Datasheet pdf 74.5 KB Download
pdf MakerBot METHOD ASA Safety Data Sheet pdf 478.3 KB Download
pdf MakerBot METHOD ASA Datasheet pdf 187.4 KB Download
pdf MakerBot METHOD ABS Datasheet pdf 3.4 MB Download
pdf MakerBot Method Range Comparison Sheet pdf 588.2 KB Download