MakerBot Specialty Nylon 12 Carbon Fibre

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MakerBot Specialty Nylon 12 Carbon Fibre Filament

Carbon fibre reinforced nylon optimised for high strength to weight ratio, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements. /it is one of the more popular composites when it comes to carbon fibre 3D printing. That’s because nylon already possesses desirable properties for engineering tasks. It has a high degree of strength and a high heat resistance. It also has a high degree of durability which balances out the brittleness of the carbon fibre itself.

Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber stands apart from the regular nylon carbon filament as it is less affected by moisture and will retain more of its performance in the presence of moisture.


  • Strong and Lightweight: Carbon fiber’s most well known property is its strength to weight ratio which is why it is frequently used in performance products. This is thanks to its low density.
  • Heat Resistance: Carbon fiber is able to withstand higher temperatures than many polymers and even increase the HDT of those polymers when mixed in to form a composite.
  • Stiffness: While some polymers may have high strength and durability, this often comes at the expense of stiffness. Carbon fiber’s ability to maintain its shape under high stress is a huge plus for many applications.

MakerBot Nylon Carbon Fibre requires the 1C Extruder and Support Extruder 2. It is compatible with MakerBot’s water-soluble PVA for unrestricted geometric freedom and is ideal for demanding applications in the automotive and industrial products industries for both functional prototypes and end-use parts.

More Information
Material Carbon
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Spool Size: 750g
Heat deflection temperature (ASTM648, 66psi): 184°C / 363°F
Tensile Modulus (ISO 527): 7,600 MPa / 1,102,000 psi
Tensile Strength (ISO 527): 110 MPa / 16,000 psi
Strain at Yield (ISO 527): >2%
Colour Black
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